Aug. Bolten

Louisa Bolten

Louisa Bolten

BUILT: 2009 (Tsuji Heavy Industries, China)
FLAG: Marshall Islands (seit 30.09.2019)
TYPE: Single-deck double-hull bulk carrier
DWAT: 30,800 mts on abt 9.88 m ssw
GRAIN/ BALE: 1,439,800 cbft / 1,403,103 cbft
TPC: 43.60 mts on summer draft
L.O.A.: 178.70 m
BEAM: 28.00 m
GEAR: 4 cranes x 30.00 mts
SPEED/ CONSUMPTION: abt 13.5 kn on abt 25 mts IFO 380 cst, nil MDO at sea


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